Fire Training DVD's

Our range of fire safety programmes are produced in-house and therefore we can offer substantial discounts on 'multiple orders', or we can adapt any of our titles to your requirements. This can be as simple as adding your logo or we can adapt one of our existing scripts and re-film and re-edit the programme. One of the key advantages of using FTV to produce your Companies fire safety programme, is our extensive library of fire footage, which if purchased commercially is very expensive. We'll include this as part of the production!

Our range of DVDs covers most aspects of fire safety from generic fire evacuation training to more specialised environments such as Schools, Care Homes, Hotels and Hospitals.

With the introduction of our new Fire TV service many of our titles are available for streaming or immediate download, which means that they are accessible 24/7. We currently offer two license options, which start at just £9.99.

If you are not sure which title is most suitable for your workplace please contact us and we will help.

  DVDs which are suitable for most workplaces DVDs which are suitable for specialist environments such as Hotels, Care Homes, Schools. DVDs Megapacks for various envirnoments, containing 4 training programmes